Stabilization Program

Stabilization Program

Pelvic Stabilization

The Pelvic Stabilization program is geared toward improving the function and strength of the pelvis and hip regions which will address faulty movement patterns. Lower back, hip, knee and ankle problems can be affected by inefficient pelvic and/or hip stabilization. The body works as whole and when certain body regions are inefficient, the body will find a way to make the movement happen using another muscle or joint in a way that was not intended. Muscles being weak or tight may contribute to the previous mentioned problems. (Click here for more information on how Pelvic Stabilization can improve the function and strength of your pelvic region)

Lumbar Stabilization

The Lumbar Stabilization program is a program of back exercises designed to teach patients strengthening and flexibility in a pain-free range. It not only improves the patient's physical condition and symptoms but also helps the patient with efficient movement. It provides the patient with movement awareness, knowledge of safe postures, and functional strength and coordination that promotes management of low back pain. (Click here for more information on how Lumbar Stabilization can decrease pain and improve the function and strength of your lumbar region)

Scapular Stabilization

The Scapular Stabilization refers to a set of exercises that strengthen the shoulder girdle muscles to correct dysfunction and normalize shoulder blade motion. These exercises also aim to facilitate energy transfer from the trunk to the arm.

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