"After only 4 applications my elbow feels a 100% better." Tommy L.

Iontophoresis ...Say What? It's the physical therapist's way of saying, "I'm going to put a small amount of medically prescribed medication into your skin to decrease your symptoms." "Ions" are charged particles that are found in nature and "phoresis" is the movement of ions or molecules through the skin

Iontophoresis is a pain relief technology that uses an electric direct current (DC) to deliver a medicine or other chemicals through the skin in a noninvasive manner. Applying a low-level direct electrical current, Iontophoresis repels medications that have like charged ions (negative charged ions or positive charged ions) through the skin and into underlying tissue. (Click here for more information about how to decrease those nagging aches and pains)

Typical medications delivered by Iontophoresis with conditions treated are:
  • Dexamethasone sodium phosphate- Tendonitis, bursitis, arthritis, tenosynovitis
  • Acetic Acid- Calcium deposits, calcified tendonitis
  • Lidocaine- trigeminal neuralgia
  • Salicylate- Analgesic, scar tissue, myalgias

Iontophoresis is an excellent treatment choice to consider before injecting a site to reduce inflammation pain, scar tissue. Patients who are adverse to needles or pain, or whose age or condition make injections contraindicated should consider a treatment regimen of Iontophoresis. The therapists at SportsCare Physical Therapy use this modality for an initial four consecutive treatments and look for a reduction in pain and inflammation and improved function, ROM and strength. If these results are occurring we continue with an additional two to four treatments. We discontinue at any point when the modality does not appear to be affecting objective, measurable standards.

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