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"Excellent choice on my part. Staff, from reception on, were efficient, polite and personable. Never a wait time. Unfortunatley I've been to several PT practices over the years and this has been the best. John Fox is as professional as he is nice. He knows his "stuff" and explains it to the client in an understandable way. He never avoids answering a question. The assistants, Cynthia and Krupali, were a pleasure to work with, very sweet and caring. The only thing better than going here would be if I didn't NEED to go at all. Thanks guts---Sal"
May 09, 2023
"SportsCare is the best! John Fox and his staff have, in the past, rehabbed me from right rotator cuff surgery, left hip replacement surgery, and most recently from left shoulder torn tendons and effects from long COVID. I am again in good health and strength and feeling much younger than my 74 years. John has several capable assistants on staff. I worked most closely with Cynthia and Kapali, both very knowledgeable, attentive, and dedicated to the needs of their patients. John’s operation is state-of-the-art, his hands-on technique informative and - most importantly - highly successful. SportsCare is the place to go for your best results. "
Apr 07, 2023
"I had a total left knee replacement in December 2016 when a Hospital Home Care PT Nurse recommended to continue going for advanced PT and told me she heard about SCPT in Farmingdale being an excellent PT facility. The expert care and PT provided by John Fox and his staff helped me return to work in six weeks' time which was amazing to myself and all my coworkers. I have returned to SCPT for the second time now after having a total right knee replacement in December 2022 where, again, I find Top Notch, professional care in a very friendly environment that treats you not only like a patient but as a personal friend! I have to thank John Fox and his highly trained staff, James, Cynthia, Krupali, Grace and Denise (who has provided the massage therapy that has iprove the mobility of my right leg from the hip all the way down to my toes) and Stacy who has helped me making scheduled appointments. I highly recommend SCPT in Farmingdale if you want the Very Best PT Care."
Feb 25, 2023
"I began my therapy on my foot after viewing the diligent care provided to my husband for his spine. The attention and close follow-up by John, James and Cynthia gave confidence in achieving return to normal activity. The pool therapy rounded out his workout; the message therapy by Denise was a tremendous bonus. Though my foot required much less attention, I received the same level of care. We have much gratitude to the entire Team."
Oct 02, 2022
"Sports Care is the real deal. John and his crew are up-to-date with the latest physical therapy exercises and equipment to readily improve one's physical health. Have a question about your ailment or any part of your body? Ask John. He deals in facts, not fiction. He will answer all of your questions with the utmost concern and knowledge. And while undergoing your therapeutic journey improvements are seen, pain is less, muscles are stronger and movement is more. John and his staff are very supportive and committed to seeing you in good health."
Sep 10, 2022
"I was diagnosed with a partially torn rotator cuff, labrum and biceps tendonitis and was scheduled for shoulder surgery at the end of the year. Since I've been a patient at Sportscare Physical Therapy my shoulder has made a remarkable improvement. It has improved to the point that I'm considering cancelling my surgery. Doctor John Fox is great at not only caring for your injury but he takes the time to thouroly explain to you the extent of your injury and the science behind rehab and recovery. Do what he tells you to do and you will get better!!! I also enjoy his wonderful since of humor and wit. His support team is also top notch and caring. Kudos to Cynthia, Denise, Sherdean,  Laurie, Dr. Bennett, James and Josh. Thank you all so much for helping get back to a full recovery and to be able to resume my normal activities!!!"
Sep 01, 2022
"I definitely recommend Sportscare. I walked in completely in pain and unable to stand straight, with the help of the staff, I am walking taller and straighter than ever before. James, Cynthia, Denise and Bennett are friendly, kind, and always willing to help. They keep you motivated and cheer you on as you work through your exercises. John is very knowledgeable and likes to teach you about how your body should be moving. "
Aug 29, 2022
"I had previously sought help with pain management doctors for problems with my back. None of them spent time to listen before adopting a "one size fits all" solution. At SportsCare, I found the entire staff to be empathetic, caring, kind and professional. They had a plan of action to specifically address my individual needs. Most importantly, they helped me get back to doing the activities I enjoyed. I would definitely recommend them to anyone."
Aug 27, 2022
"I have been to Sportscare PT for several injuries and each time I felt that my condition improved. I cannot say enough good things about John Fox and his team."
Apr 27, 2022
"When I called for an appointment, and walked in the door I was in severe pain and very nervous. From Laurie at the desk to Dr. Fox to Claire, James and the rest I felt comfortable and hopeful. Everyone is very caring, friendly and knowledgeable. They make you feel like family, and that is so important when you are in pain. I didn't think I would ever be myself again, but the progress I made was all due to the team at SportsCare Physical Therapy. Thank You! "
Mar 28, 2022
"I have been attending sports care physical therapy for years and have received great care from all."
Mar 25, 2022
"My daughter and I have been receiving physical therapy from Sports Care for many years for various injuries and surgeries. They are top notch. Very knowledgeable and kind staff. I will definitely be a return customer after my upcoming knee surgery. They are the best!"
Mar 18, 2022
"This is an excellent place to go for physical therapy. The people that work there are very attentive, and John and Laurie are very knowledgeable and helpful. "
Mar 07, 2022
"I have been a patient at SportsCare Physical Therapy for many years. I continue to return because I know I will receive excellent care by the All the staff employees. They do their best to help you recover from your injury and return to your normal daily routine. I have recommended them to family, friends and neighbors. "
Nov 11, 2021
"Awesome staff. Very efficient I highly recommend this place for anyone that is looking for PT. "
Oct 27, 2021
"After knee surgery, I was lucky enough to have John and his staff for physical therapy. They are an incredible group of professionals, very hands on and very thorough thru every step of your recovery. I would highly recommend Sports Care to anyone who needs physical therapy. You will not be disappointed!"
Aug 05, 2021
"I have been a patient of Sports Care PT. a number of different times and no matter what the injury was John Fox new exactly how to approach my rehab. His staff are well trained and under careful guidance from John. If you should need aqua therapy, Sports Care has it. The office is well run and able handle your insurance questions. I have been to other rehabs and Sports Care PT. ranks among the the best there is. They will even assist you with exercises that you can continue at home once you are released from their service. This is an unsolicited review and would not recommend a business had I not been 100pct. satisified. If you should need physical therapy for any body part, speak to John Fox, you will be happy you did. "
Jul 25, 2021
"As a active treating Physical Therapist I need to get back to work A.S.A.P. and having had a total hip replacement (ANTERIOR APPROACH) with Dr. Segal of Northwell in Great Neck at Syosset Hospital. I did a lot of research before selecting Dr. Segal to be my surgeon. I was just as selective in choosing my Physical Therapist. I needed someone with decades of experience and still on the cutting edge. I was with John Fox, PT for less that two weeks before I was able to return to work fulltime without any pain, zero, none, nada. I was biking 20 miles in three weeks and I was skiing three weeks after that all without pain. If your looking for a Physical Therapist go to the Physical Therapist other Physical Therapists go to. Richard Cowan, PT, LMT, CPT, MA"
Jul 08, 2021
"I went to sports care physical therapy for a torn rotator cuff. the entire staff was friendly and extremely helpful. the exercise regimen they gave me helped tremendously. I highly recommend them."
Jul 08, 2021
"I have had physical therapy at a few places but none can compare to Sports Care. John Fox is extremely knowledgeable and will share that knowledge. It helps patients to better understand what is going on with their recovery. I highly recommend Sports Care and John Fox."
Jul 07, 2021
"The staff is always kind, courteous and sensitive to the needs of their patients. Their professionalism and expertise has offered solutions and insight into dealing with unique physical limitations. Always grateful for all their care."
Jun 30, 2021
"I've been here on two separate occasions. They are professionals - right from the front desk to the physical therapists, who are friendly and do a great job. I would definitely recommend them!"
Jun 30, 2021
"I found Them to be very helpful and patient They were kind and considerate to my needs I am very happy I used them 3x for my Physical Therapy I would recommend them "
Jun 30, 2021
"I discovered SportsCare by chance by looking for a sports injury clinic in the area and I’m so lucky to have found the excellent specialists here. John, Kelvin, and all the people here I’ve worked with are very talented and were quick to help formulate a recovery plan at a pace I could handle. I had a bulging disc in my lower back and at the time of my injury I didn’t know if I could ever kneel, bend , or sit in comfort again, but surely enough it doesn’t even feel like I was injured in the first place. Now, while still continuing my recovery plan independently, if I ever feel I need to come back I will not hesitate to give SportsCare a call."
Jan 17, 2020
"I would like to thank everyone at SportsCare Physical Therapy for all their dedication in helping me achieve my goal in my rehabilitation. The care they had for me was awesome. Very professional in what they do. They knew when to push your goal when needed. I feel better each day I came, and I will miss everyone, its like leaving a family member."
Jan 17, 2020
"I started my journey at SportsCare in the beginning of January and was welcomed in by all the staff but most importantly my physical therapists Erica and Andrew. Both of my other siblings were patients in the past so entering the gym was inviting. In August I was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension and since than I gained weight, lost myself and all my muscle. My doctors than recommend me to start physical therapy. Before I started, I had severe joint pain, and could not walk for long periods of time because I was terrified, I would pass out. I have been working at SportsCare for a little over a month and I see a difference. I am now able to work out, walk and even run without the fear of passing out. I am confident in myself and my body for the first time in a long time. I would absolutely recommend SportsCare to friends and family solely because the environment is welcoming and make you enjoy coming to your visits. SportsCare will always be the place to go for Physical Therapy. I am very grateful for them!"
Jan 17, 2020
"I saw SportsCare Physical Therapy on my way to work, I called just to find about hours that fits on my schedule that works for me. My first day I met with Christine. I was having a lot of headaches and spasm on my neck and shoulder. After coming several times my headaches started to go away and I started feeling lighter around my neck area. I wasn’t sure in the beginning, but I will recommend this place to friends and family. "
Jan 17, 2020
"My knee pain was severe and even present when I came in after injuring it. The staff helped me week by week to decrease pain, increase strength and range of motion/ flexibility. Highly recommend SportsCare and their staff."
Jan 17, 2020
"I have always been an active person and have had to deal with injuries on and off for many years. In December 2017, I had a total knee replacement with complications. John and his team at SportsCare PT took excellent care of me and I improved considerably with their help and patience during this exceptionally hard time. In December 2018, I had shoulder surgery, as I had extreme pain in my left shoulder. This pain was so extensive I was unable to work out at the gym like I used to; but more importantly the pain interrupted my normal daily activities, such as sleeping, getting dressed, driving, washing dishes, and lifting groceries and laundry etc. I returned to SportsCare PT after this surgery because of the experience I had with John treating my knee. Both treatments included, among other things, manual therapy to gently and safely to release some of the joint and soft tissue tightness and exercises designed specifically promote increased movement and gain strength. One of the most important things for me is that John was always sensitive about monitoring my physical comfort. That along with the knowledge he was a certified manual orthopedic PT, gave me confidence he would be able to treat my shoulder as well as he did my knee. My time at SportsCare PT was a great experience that resulted in significant improvement in the use of my left arm, I now have full range of motion, less pain and I’m able to do all the activities I previously was unable to do. I can in NO way thank John enough for taking such good care of me. He and his team have always been friendly, professional and exceptionally helpful in all their work with me. They frequently went above and beyond what I expected in terms of service, for these reasons, I will most assuredly return for future injuries and recommend them to my friends and family."
Jan 17, 2020
"Hi. My name is Sylvia and I have been going to therapy for 2 years at a different office. Going 3-4 times a week with a very slow recovery process. I was continually getting injections in my lower back and hip because I could never get full relief. That’s when I started crying in frustration to my pain management doctor and asking to help me in another way. He recommended I try a different form of therapy. I had an evaluation at 2 other places that treated me with a machine and not really making me feel comfortable that they could really help me. That’s when I found SportsCare which was right down the block from my house and met the most amazing therapist Christine. I came in with such swelling in my hip to the point where you couldn’t even touch it. I have never in 3 years of various treatment, felt more cared for, comforted that she could help me and listened to every detail of my concerns. I can honestly say that from the end of January to the middle of March, I am pain free! I get emotional just writing that. She has always made me laugh, shared funny stories and helped me with all my issues I was having. Always keeping my mind at ease and being the most genuine person I have met. I am so thankful for you all and its great to feel like I am reclaiming my whole life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
Jan 17, 2020
"I came back here 3 months ago after having right hip placement. I came in on a walker then a cane. I felt discouraged and thought I would never get better. But after the best care not just from Sandra (PT) but from all the assistants. I can now lift my legs up on the bike and ride for ten minutes. This place is wonderful. I would recommend to anyone that needs special attention. Thanks all."
Jan 17, 2020
"After being diagnosed with bulging discs in my lower back I opted for the conservative approach of physical therapy instead of the initial surgery approach suggested by my orthopedist. My pain management doctor, Dr. Davis, wrote a script for PT that I promptly took to SportsCare Physical Therapy. Before starting treatment, I was unable to do the simplest of daily tasks such as sitting, walking, picking up my son, a laundry basket, etc., without being in pain. At my initial consultation with Andrew he was able to diagnose a tilted pelvis and shifted tailbone that was likely contributing to my instability and pain. Starting there, John, Andrew, and the rest of the SCPT team developed and individualized program that has brought me such an amazing level of pain and renewed stability and strength in my problem areas. I couldn’t have asked for better, more caring, five star treatment from an amazing group of people."
Jan 17, 2020
"After seeing Dr. Brian Vogel for elbow pain that was impairing my work and daily life, I came to see John. At the start of therapy, John helped me understand the nature of my injury and how I could help heal it. After a lot of hard work and guidance from John and his staff, I’ve gained the ability and confidence to re-engage in my work and life. I feel very grateful for this and would highly recommend John and his staff to anyone that needs PT."
Jan 17, 2020
"John Fox is extraordinary. Upon returning home from knee replacement surgery (the first of two), John was the first therapist to come to my home to start me on the road to recovery. After a few sessions, there was no doubt that I would continue my therapy at SportsCare center. John and his staff are amazing, very knowledgeable, caring and professional. I am well on my way thanks to the rigorous program I am following."
Jan 17, 2020
"I heard about John from my wife and in laws who have been seeing him for years. My wife has been trying to get me to go for awhile and has always had nothing but great things to say! I came to PT to help with my multiple sclerosis symptoms I have-pain, tightness, numbness, stiffness is an everyday occurrence. Coming here has helped calm my symptoms down and taught ne how to better take care of myself. I would certainly recommend this office to anyone in need in some good PT! Thank you to John and the whole staff for all their help!"
Jan 17, 2020
"I had my left knee replaced in late November of 2018. I had physical therapy at SportsCare for approximately 3 months. The two therapists I had were excellent! Every time I left the facility, I felt great! Both therapists answered my questions and were very nice people. Today I am doing well and am increasingly doing more each day. Thank you very much for everything."
Jan 17, 2020
"SportsCare Physical Therapy has been nothing but phenomenal in treating my calf strain. I am an athletic but older volleyball player who needed to treat the calf after injuring it during a tournament. Erica and Andrew easily identified the exact issue and began a customized program right away. The level of personal care and treatment that I received was outstanding. I feel very confident in future injury prevention in addition to feeling better. Thank you for your help!"
Jan 17, 2020
"My experience here was great, great people, great environment, and the people know what they are doing. I love how they care and if I ever have to come back I will in a heartbeat. When I first came here I couldn’t walk, but now in less than 3 months I can pretty much run. Everyone here are miracle workers. Thank you for taking good care of me I am forever grateful."
Jan 17, 2020
"I first heard about SportsCare Physical Therapy from my husband who had double back surgery last year and had an amazing recovery thanks to your amazing team! I come in with paralyzing neck spasm and could barely move my head without crying. I initially felt like something was ripping between my neck and shoulder, followed by heat and cramping to the point of being terrified to move! I feel like I was touched by healing hands since starting therapy. There has been tremendous difference in my shoulder/neck. I went from not holding my head straight to having full range of motion. There was a noticeable difference after each appointment and had great at home guidance to help me in my recovery. I am beyond thankful for the entire team, especially Erica. Not only did one get me back to optimal health but also made me feel reassured and comfortable each visit. Words are not enough to express my immense gratitude."
Jan 17, 2020
"I came here with strong pain on my neck and shoulders, also frequent headaches regardless that I was treated by a chiropractor for several months. Right after a few treatments with Erica I began feeling better, a lot better. Headaches are gone, some of the neck pain too. Erica has been so professional and knowledgeable that I can certainly recommend SportsCare Physical Therapy to my friends and family. I heard about this place on the internet since I was desperate for a solution and thank god my doctor recommended physical therapy. I am so happy with the results that I would come here every day if I could. My doctors referred me to a neurologist, Dr. Ullman who referred me to Physical Therapy. I will always be grateful to Erica and SportsCare Physical Therapy."
Jan 17, 2020
"This is a letter of thanks to the president of Total Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, Charles Ruotolo, MD FAAOS. Dr. Ruotolo performed extensive arthroscopic rotator cuff surgery in August of 2018. After many weeks of recuperating, I started physical therapy in Farmingdale, NY. From the moment I walked through the door, I was warmly greeted by the physical therapist, Erica Martello. She evaluated me, guided me through my exercises, set me up with a program for home with a printout, and provided a website to access my personal exercises. Through many weeks of therapy my range of motion has significantly improved, and I am driving. Thank you for a job well done by my fabulous surgeon Dr. Ruotolo! Many thanks to Erica, her assistants, and the office staff for being efficient, courteous, attentive, and respectful. I would highly recommend both Dr. Ruotolo of Total Orthopedics and the staff at SportsCare for their commitment and expertise. My only regret is that I am moving and will have to leave these outstanding professionals."
Jan 17, 2020
"Before I started my PT journey with SportsCare, walking and sleeping were challenging and painful due to SI joint issues and a tilted pelvis. Through a thorough evaluation by Erica and John, they got me on the right PT path. I am now a new person-pain free! Erica is great to work with- she is patient, explains in detail the recovery plan, has a thorough knowledge of the anatomy, and is a pleasure to work with. She kept me on track monitoring my progress with each visit. Scheduling appointments was easy and flexible. I made a smart choice selecting SportsCare. Great staff!"
Jan 17, 2020
"SportsCare Pt has been fabulous. Erica and her team have been wonderful in repairing my stiff right knee. The exercises, the tape, and the attention were excellent. I did not expect to be doing as well as I am in such a short time. I intend to come back for wellness. Thank you, Erica and team!"
Jan 17, 2020
"I had been in daily pain for over 10 years on my back and had come to accept it. My daughter and wife convinced me to get help. My daughter Erin found SportsCare Physical Therapy online and had heard good things about the care and types of therapy they had. Upon my first consultation I found the therapists and staff to be very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. They diagnosed me and proposed a course of treatment, which I began. My main PT at SportsCare is Erica and she has been wonderful. SportsCare has another PT Christine and several assistants so you always have highly trained professionals helping you. All are fantastic. I had honestly only hoped to get down to a tolerable level of pain with maybe a few days with little pain. I now am pain free on most days, my bad days are formally my best days and that is only once or twice a week for a few hours; soon to be no days. SportsCare and their doctors and staff are great, they have helped me tremendously and I highly recommend them"
Jan 17, 2020
"On January 5, 2018 I fell at work with both arms extended to brace my fall. That fall tore both my rotator cuffs. The first was repaired in February 2018 and the second in November by Dr Gregory Lieberman at Orlin and Cohen Orthopedics. After both surgeries I did my Physical therapy at Sportscare Physical Therapy in Farmingdale which I found through a Google search. I honestly believe that if it were not for everyone at Sportscare Physical Therapy I would not be healing as well as I have. From Christine O’Donnell DPT, Cert. MDT who is my main Therapist to John G. Fox, MPT, COMT, CWT and Erica Martello, DPT who also assisted in my rehabilitation. From the aides who assist the with the PT to Laurie and Jessica in the front office. I thank you all for the hard work you do to make sure I have a complete recovery. I highly recommend Sportscare Physical Therapy in Farmingdale NY to everyone. "
Mar 03, 2019


Neck Pain

I was sent to SportsCare Physical Therapy by Dr. Burrei. He diagnosed my neck pain as a result of a spinal curve. Before receiving physical therapy treatments I was in so much pain I could not turn my head to the right. After working exclusively with John Fox for two weeks my neck pain decreased. Following one month the pain was gone. The neck exercises that John taught me have increased my neck range of motion and I feel stronger than ever before. I highly recommend SportsCare Physical Therapy and I have already recommended two friends to see John. Thanks so much.

Joan Minniti

I was referred to SportsCare Physical Therapy by Dr. Mauri for neck and shoulder pain. I had trouble lifting my left arm without experiencing pain. The diagnosis was bursitis with a grade 2 impingement. After five weeks of therapy I no longer feel pain. The therapists at Sportscare Physical Therapy thoroughly assessed me and created a plan for me. The information was very educational, the treatment was very effective and the staff was very attentive. I would not hesitate to recommend SportsCare Physical Therapy to friends and family. Thanks guys!

Enrique Liboreiro

Dear John:

I came to you with a lot of neck pain and was discharged six weeks later with no neck pain. How’s that for a success story!

I knew I was in good hands the moment I met you. You are an extremely knowledgeable and trained physical therapist. But just as important, you are a great guy who is caring, friendly, approachable, and has a terrific sense of humor: so much so that I truly enjoyed and looked forward to coming to therapy.

Not only do you conduct yourself in a professional manner, but you make sure your entire staff conducts themselves in the same way. From your office staff to your assistants, they do all their best in making everyone feel welcome and important. Your office staff is extremely efficient and helpful, from telephone reminders about appointments, to scheduling appointments and everything in between. Your assistants were very helpful in teaching me how to use the weights and machines, as well as making sure I was doing my exercises correctly.

Your facility creates and upbeat and positive environment, and a place where I knew I was going to see a huge improvement in my condition. Encouragement was always present, whether in words or actions. I felt I was going to get better whether I liked it or not. There was not an ounce of negativity anywhere. I felt everyone was there for only one reason- and that was for me to get better and better.

I can’t thank you enough for everything that you have done for me, It goes without saying that I will surely recommend you and your facility to anyone I come in contact with who I feel will benefit from your services. I hope I leave you in good spirits and in good health.

Robert Gelenter

Shoulder/Arm Pain

For several weeks prior to starting my therapy treatments at Sportscare, I was in terrible pain in my left shoulder. I decided to visit Dr. Harvey Finkelstein, a pain specialist. He strongly recommended physical therapy in lieu of medication or an operation. It was Dr. Finkelstien’s recommendation that I come to SportsCare Physical Therapy and begin treatments with John Fox.

I have been receiving physical therapy treatments three times a week for the past month. I received a home exercise program which has helped decrease my right shoulder pain which was a result of a rotator cuff injury. The severe pain is gone. I thank Dr. Finkelstein for sending me to SportsCare and John Fox. SportsCare not only reduced my pain but prevented me from undergoing a painful operation on my shoulder. Hats off to SportsCare and John Fox – they are number one on my list.

Joe Falcone

I was sent to SportsCare Physical Therapy by my orthopedist, Dr. Alpert. At first I was believed to have a torn rotator cuff in my shoulder, but x-rays later discovered that there was no tear, just a strain. At first I was a little skeptical about the physical therapy, not expecting the results nearly as quickly as I got them. Before physical therapy, I could barely move my arm. Only 4 weeks later I’m almost 100% and I can fully rotate my arm. I gained total mobility and regained my strength. I would recommend SportsCare Physical Therapy to anybody who has muscle or joint-related problems. The results are fantastic and it helps reduce pain and fatigue. The entire staff was very nice as well.

Jason Piro

Back Pain

I visited Dr. Scarpinata in January 2015. She recommended physical therapy to help relieve the pain in my lower back. I was diagnosed with degenerated discs. I chose SportsCare Physical Therapy of Farmingdale because it was conveniently located near my place of employment. From my first phone call, the staff was polite, professional and attentive to my every need. Tatiana Malkina D.P.T. was assigned to my case. My first visit with Ms. Malkina was for an evaluation of my condition.

During this consultation, Ms. Malkina made an individualized plan for healing my back. Ms. Malkina was very thorough with her examination and explanation of my condition, and confident she would be able to help reduce my pain. I felt reassured by Ms. Malkina’s positive attitude and sincere regard as my physical therapist. She went right to work to try and reduce the amount of pain I was in, even on the first visit. I actually felt immediate relief. Ms. Malkina gave me an exercise plan for home too. With every visit my pain was steadily decreasing. After just 4 weeks of physical therapy I was completely free of any back pain. I immensely regret that I waited so long to go to the Dr. for this pain. Had I known Ms. Malkina would have helped my condition so quickly, I would have sought her services much sooner.

The phenomenal service I experienced at Sportscare went beyond my physical therapist. For example, while in the exercise room the attention I received from the entire staff was incredible. Each and every staff member was kind, considerate, professional and fun! Sportscare helped dispel any apprehension I had about receiving treatment for my condition and I would gladly recommend anyone looking for physical therapy to this great place!

I was sent to John Fox Physical Therapist by Dr. Van Bosse from the Hospital of Joint Disease. I was diagnosed with spondylosis, a fracture in my lower spine.

I felt terrible at first. It limited everything I did. My back was constantly sore. WOW! After being in SportsCare Physical Therapy for 6 weeks I feel great.

Due to John’s extensive knowledge and dedication my back is hardly ever sore and I am able to do more activities. I would definitely recommend SportsCare Physical Therapy.

Chris Martinez

What can I say that hasn’t been said by the patients of SportsCare Physical Therapy.

I had scheduled an appointment with a neurosurgeon at the Hospital for Special Surgery with the potential for an operation on my low back for a herniated disc causing pain to travel down my lower leg.

But since I had 10 weeks to wait for the operation, a friend of my daughter recommended SportsCare Physical Therapy. At this point, I was taking 1200mg of ibuprofen as soon as I woke up in the morning so I would be able to walk with minimal pain and another 1200mg in the afternoon. My pain at this point was at a level 8.

Just prior to Christmas 1999, I picked up my 4-year-old daughter and felt a muscle pull in my back. Unfortunately, four weeks later I experienced a fall which caused my existing muscle injury to worsen. I could no longer take the pain and weakness that I felt in my upper back so I made an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Thomas Mauri. He x-rayed my back, gave me anti-inflammatory medication (Celebrex) and prescribed physical therapy. This seemed to be the appropriate Rx for muscle strain as it was diagnosed.

John Fox was the physical therapist chosen for my rehabilitation. At first, the sessions included a combination of massage, strengthening exercises and ice. The later sessions included strengthening routines involving different machines and free weights. John was polite yet firm in his treatment approach. He understood that my emotions were frazzled. After all, as an athletic person, I spend much time between tennis and working out. My sports were my stress relievers and since I could not participate in them, depression set in. John knew he had to get my back strong again as soon as possible, so that I could get back to my routine of tennis and weight training. He tailored my exercises to increase my strength and flexibility in tennis. After several weeks, I felt that I was strong as ever. My PT sessions were now over. Several months later, my summer team won a trophy for finishing 1st place in an A position. I felt proud.

John Fox was a good part of my successful comeback in tennis. I realize that my physical therapy experience will always be a part of my life. John reinforced the notion that stretching and strengthening routines are not just a part of repairing an injury but should be a constant part of everyone’s life. I observed both young and old going through this process and realized how important it is for life long fitness.

I have since and always recommend John Fox for physical therapy. His dedication, knowledge and personal attention makes him an “elite” physical therapist. Any patient of his is certainly in good hands.

Rhonda Levy

Hip/Leg Pain

I couldn’t walk 30 feet without stopping to rest to relieve the tension in my left leg. My only relief was to lay down.

So I came to John Fox who said that if I gave him 6 weeks he would get rid of my pain or at least minimize it to an acceptable level – and I thought “yeah, right!” (I had already been to a physical therapist, and nothing worked).

But in seven weeks my pain is gone and has not returned. I cancelled my surgery. Thanks to John and the team of rehabilitation specialists who kept thinking I was a turkey wishbone while stretching me. But thankfully, they never split the wish bone and John kept his promise.

I extend to all of them, my gratitude and thanks for getting me pain free and allowing me to resume activities (i.e., golf, walking, etc.).

Jack Schmidt

Knee Pain

Have done PT in other places and never felt as well as I do now. The quality and caring of the personel here is of the highest standards. They know your needs and work with you giving you the total care needed. You walk out of their facility feeling 99% better than when you walked in. I could hardly walk when I started and today I am leaving walking with more ease.

Phyllis V.

I had an excellent four week program after knee surgery. The staff was very knowledgeable and friendly.

Romney A.

Outstanding care. Thanks to this well trained staff i made a complete recoveryfrom a very serious knee injury.

Peter Z.

SportsCare Physical Therapy completely changed my life! I had total knee replacement. I heard wonderful things about SportsCare Physical Therapy, especially John and Tatiana. All the things I heard did not even come close to the care and concern these 2 exceptional physical therapists had for my well being. The rehabilitation was challenging, fun and effective. For those who are reading this testimonial, if anyone in your family is in need of physical therapy, I highly recommend that they seek out John or Tatiana for the care that you look for in a healthcare provider.

Kay E.

To the future patient of Sports Care Physical Therapy,

Felt this was important to write and explain what you are about to go through. In February of 2015 I suffered a major right knee injury. I was to have my 5th knee surgery and the 3rd ACL reconstruction. Of course I was extremely nervous about my future and ability to once again fully recover. After my surgery was completed, successfully, I was now about to start my PT. Of course my doctor, DR. Jeffery Guttman, had his suggestions and recommendations. I was clearly looking for something more local. Through word of mouth and searching the internet, I looked into Sports Care PT. I emailed them with some questions and concerns. Within a half hours’ time I received a call from Joanne at the front desk. She helped me set up and evaluation appointment and then I spoke to Laurie with my insurance info. So far everything seemed seamless. I would soon learn that this was the normal operation Sport Care PT, along with Jessica as well.

The therapist assigned to my needs was Tatiana Malkina D.P.T. Right off from the start I felt very comfortable with how things were being asked and answered during my evaluation. During this time I was also introduced to John Fox P.T, M.A., C.W.T., and owner. My nervousness of a successful rehab was no longer. They both ensured that my rehab would be successful and complete. Within the first few weeks I felt like I could not have made a better decision. Tatiana made me feel like I was her only patient, although she was working with several others. She not only understood my ability to perform some simple task, she helped achieve higher expectations then I had set for myself. I soon came to realize that all I had to do was sit back and listen. At all times she would observe and correct to make sure the rehab was exactly how it needed to be done. She would make small adjustments to make them more effective. Tatiana also made a trip to personally meet my Doctor and thoroughly review my rehab protocol so everyone was on the same page. In all my years I never had a PT do something like that.

A few times during my rehab I would hit a wall and at times seemed to be stuck. Tatiana and John would confer and set things differently so I would see progress in other areas as well. My rehab was not about just my knee, but my mental and full body rehab. My confidence within myself to get through this grew with each appointment. During my rehab there was a few times I would be unable to go, due to vacation. That did not stop the rehab. I was sent with a program of exercises each time and before I left the office, once again it was demonstrated me.

My rehab was long and tedious, eight months in time. Upon my discharge date I felt outstanding. I was able to return to my normal lifestyle. I know it would not have been possible if not for the outstanding care that I had received here at Sports Care Physical Therapy. All through the process my Doctor was always encourage by my progress. I would like to thank John, Kevin, Jessica, Laurie, and Joanne. Most of all I would love to say a huge THANK YOU to Tatina ! Without you and everyone else, my recovery would not have been possible.

Rick Lopos

I was recommeded to SportsCare by a friend of mine. I told my doctor of my decision and he said he was pleased to hear where I was going. I had received a double total knee replacement by Dr Krauss. When I arrived for physical therapy I was hurting, tight, swollen and unable to walk without a walker. Following one day I was walking with a cane. After a few visits I was doing all my exercises and the range of motion of my knees was returning. I used the pool one time a week which was great. The pool really helped relearn what you forgot when it came to walking plus there was no pain in the pool.The one-on-one personal care is greatly appreciated and the friendliness and care is shown to its highest level. It’s a pleasure to come to physical therapy. Thank you.

Mary Ellen Hribok

I was referred to SportsCare Physical Therapy by a friend of mine. My diagnosis was a torn ACL ligament with meniscus damage to the left knee. I initially started physical therapy with John Fox prior to surgery to build leg strength and increase my flexibility. This really helped me in my post-operative phase of my recovery. It has been one month since surgery and I have approximately 135 degrees of range of motion. Swelling and pain have decreased significantly and I am now working with John Fox to regain my leg strength.

I feel I am way ahead of schedule in my recovery thanks to John and his PT program. John is an extremely dedicated professional and works with all his patients to achieve maximim results. I would highly recommend SportsCare Physical Therapy.

Robert Supranowich

Ankle/Foot Pain

I was referred to SportsCare Physical Therapy by my Aunt, uncle, and cousins. My cousins had injured themselves playing sports. When I injured themselves playing sports. When I injured both my Achilles tendons, my cousins told me to see John. My pediatric Orthopedist, Russell Crider, also recommended John for sports injuries.

I first came to John in September. I could barely walk, let alone play soccer. John worked very had and showed great patience with my recovery. I am now playing 3 times a week with little or no pain. I am running, shooting, and scoring in soccer. With everyones help, I was voted MVP goalie in the league.

Thanks to everyone at SportsCare Physical Therapy.

Alex Stein

In September I totally ruptured my right Achilles tendon playing basketball. Dr. Piontkowski surgically repaired the tendon and I was in a cast for 6 weeks. Then the cast was removed, I searched for a local physical therapist to assist in my recovery. My insurance company gave me a few choices and one of the physical therapists I had to choose from was John Fox. When I called, he brought me in almost immediately. The first day I came in I was on crutches. I left that day walking on my own. John’s facility gave me everything (and then some) I needed to get back to normal. His patients (including myself) have a close relationship with him and each other and that is something one can hardly find. After two months of therapy, I am almost at full strength. For an injury that takes six months to a year to heal I feel great at little over two months thanks to John. I recommend John to anyone that wants to feel at home on their way to recovery. Thanks John.

Wayne White